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Birth Photography Melbourne

Jade Tauber ~ Melbourne Birth Photographer

I am elated that you want your precious moments to be beautifully documented!

You can rest assured you are in safe hands with me. I have photography qualifications, my working with children check and years of experience.

I’m not only a passionate photographer, I’m also a mum to two boys and a high school teacher! These roles have perfectly poised me to appreciate the crazy gorgeousness of life and to notice the perfect, ordinary moments in which time stands still and golden memories are made.

As a mother, I understand so well why this is important. To be honest, I personally had a really rough time with my pregnancies and births. I was totally unprepared for scary complications like pre-eclampsia and the unrelenting discomfort of SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction).During a stinker of an Australian heat-wave, I felt dragged along by circumstances and the whole experience just felt clinical, impersonal and rushed.

With my second pregnancy, I endured an agonising car ride and arrived at the hospital 9 cm dilated. I focused on a scenic photo of a Greek island in the Mediterranean – about as far away from my airless hospital room as you could imagine – and somehow found my way into a calm zone.

Once it was all over, I had a long, hot shower and then crept back into my dark, quiet room. There was my husband, fast asleep, our tiny boy conked out on his chest. I gazed at this hushed sight and thought, “I did that.” And then I thought …. “I wish I had a camera!” I pulled out my phone, but the quality of this image as to what it COULD be are worlds apart.

I know what it feels like to be unprepared, uninformed and disempowered. I know what it feels like when a tough birth and unexpected complications, or poor care and lack of support, doesn’t exactly leave you feeling like some earth-mother birth goddess. But you know what? I gave birth. I did it! I am amazing. And with my photography, I will show you that YOU are amazing – no matter what the circumstances of your birth may be.

Looking back, I regret that I had crappy options, crappy care and crappy cards dealt to me. Life’s like that sometimes. But my deepest regret is that I had no high quality, professional photographs of my babies when they were tiny worthy of a place on the wall – and no photos of myself when I was doing the hardest work of my life to bring them safely earth-side.

It’s my absolute joy and privilege to work with you to create a sparkling trove of golden memories that you’ll treasure in years to come, and to give you photographic proof of just how amazing you are.